Contact People in Access and Technical Services

Acquisitions Section of Cataloging and Acquisitions Services (AcqCat email: acqcat)
Section Head Brenda Peter, x2422
Approval Receipt/Processing x4107
Fund Accounting x2421
Direct Order Placement x3460
Direct Order Receipt x4107
Profiling approval plans x4261
Cataloging and Acquisitions Services
Department Head Brad Eden, x4261
Authority Control x8946
Serials Analytics Cataloging, In Process (Circ Uncat) requests, SRLF Preparation, UCSB Theses and Dissertation Cataloging x3897
Copy Cataloging  x2436
Government Publications, Retrospective Conversion x3330
Music x2735
Original Cataloging x8946
Catalog Maintenance, Withdrawals, Record Connections, etc. x2362
Marking x3897
Special Collections Cataloging x3671
Access Services Department (email addresses: loandesk, rbs, safety, illalert)
Department Head Gary Johnson, x3386
Annex x5192
Barcoding Cataloged Materials x3491
Bills and Fines:
Main x3491
Reserve x4183
Building Maintenance x3220
Circulation Information x3491
Circulation Module x3386 or 3491
Circulation Policies:
Art x2850
Current Journals x3396
Main x3491
Reserve x4183
General x3386
Circulation Tables on Pegasus x3386
Current Journals (access) x3396
Government Publications Paging x8803
Linking x3491
Lost, Missing and Discarded Materials x3491
Material Pickup
In Library x5192
On-Campus Donors x3491
Off-Campus Donors x5192
Patron Files x3491
Patron Information x3491
Reserve Book Service x4183
Reserve Module 4183
Safety x3220, 729-0509 (cell)
Searches x3491
Security x3220, 729-0509 (cell)
Serial Services x5192
Shelving Assembly x5192
Shifting Shelved Materials x5192
SRLF Shipments x5192
Stack Services x5192
Writeoff Accounts x3491
Serials Department
Department Head Catherine Nelson, x2444
Binding/Mending  x2584
Cataloging x2110
Orders x8293
Receiving x2538
Records Enhancement x3721
Rev. 01/25/08

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Authors: Task Force for Orientation of New Collection Managers; comments on content and arrangement to Sherri Barnes.

Updated: 01/25/08 10:54:40